The GENPIR Project tries to reveal the recent history of the populations of the Catalan Pyrenees, studying the genetic material of its inhabitants. This geographical area has been an important transit area in historical times, which could have left distinctive signs in the genetic composition of its population, detectable if massive genetic data are used.

In addition, using these data can also determine the general risk that the inhabitants of this region have of suffering the most common diseases in humans (obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc.), which will be made known to the health authorities and will be key to the design of public health actions.

Oscar Lao together with Joan Fibla from the Universitat de Lleida and Pedro Moral from the Universitat de Barcelona, are the leading co-directors of the GenPIR project. The project is funded by the Diputació de Lleida.

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Oscar Lao (CNAG-CRG), Joan Fibla (UdL) and Pedro Moral (UB)