This certification recognizes organitzations that provide the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications

The CNAG has successfully completed Illumina CSPro™ certification for sequencing, gaining entry to an elite group of Illumina genomics providers globally. Illumina provides leading-edge genetic analysis tools to genomics centers worldwide.


Illumina CSPro is the collaborative provider partnership dedicated to ensuring the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications. Illumina CSPro participants undergo a rigorous two-phase certification process that includes data generation, data certification, and an on-site audit of the facility and processes.


"Illumina CSPro recognizes organizations that provide customers with industry-leading data quality and service in genetic analysis," says Karen Possemato, Illumina's Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing. "The CNAG is now a CSPro in Barcelona able to provide sequencing services using Illumina technology. Now that the CNAG is a global CSPro partner, we are excited to work with them to make it easier for researchers in Barcelona, Spain and all around the world to access the power of Illumina's genetic analysis technologies."


The Genomehenge
The CNAG “Genomehenge” homes nine Illumina HiSeqs 2000, two HiSeqs 2500 and one MiSeq sequencer with total production capacity of over 600 Gb/day. This enormous sequencing capability and the demonstrated quality of sequencing places the CNAG as a world class genome analysis center that keeps Spain in a competitive position in bringing genomics into the health sciences, fundamental biology and agriculture. “Since 2010 the CNAG has handled more than 250 Spanish and foreign projects and has established a high level of expertise in both laboratory and bioinformatics with strong national and international partnerships in competitive and large-scale projects”, says Ivo Gut, director of the centre.


The CNAG has established close collaboration with Illumina sharing periodical meetings to troubleshoot particularly difficult sequencing cases. This has helped to maintain the CNAG team at the forefront of this technology and establish the high quality data production and analysis the CNAG strives for.